Noble Numismatics

Ein Besuch der Auktion australischen Auktionshaus Noble Numismatics war mir leider nicht möglich, aber die Menge der historischen Wertpapiere rechtfertigt einen kleinen Bericht. Vom 24.- 27. November 2009 wurden neben Münzen und Geldscheinen auch eine Reihe von Wertpapieren angeboten. Mit erstaunlichen Ergebnissen und der Erkenntnis, dass der Versteigerer nicht immer Spaß an den teuren Stücken hat.

Los Beschreibung Schätz- preis in AUD Zuschlag in AUD
3612 AUSTRALIA MINING, a wide variety of mining ventures, 1950s-1980s but mostly early 1970s, a selection of some of the companies is, Laverton Nickel, Tennant Creek Metals, Great Boulder Gold Mines, Rare Earth Corporation of Australia, Consolidated Gold Fields Australia, Highland Gold Development, Comstock Minerals, Ashton Mining, United Uranium, Barrier Exploration, Northern Hercules, Eastern Copper Mines, Planet Metals, Newmetal Mines. Multiple certificates for some companies, some variations others identical, very fine. (58)  200 240
3613 MINING. The Cumberland Gold Mining Company, Etheridge Gold Field, North Queensland, 1887; The Lombardy Gold Mine, Murchison, West Australia, certificate no.2, 1895; The Miners Dream Gold Mines, Coolgardie Goldfields, West Australia, 1896; The Mosman Gold Mining Company, Charters Towers, Queensland, 1887; The Golden Pole Gold Mines, Davyhurst, Western Australia, 1905; The New Chum Gold Mines, 1897; The New Australian Broken Hill Consols, 1896; The Lake View & Boulder Junction Gold Mines, 1899; Bayley's Reward Claim Gold Mining Company, Coolgardie, Western Australia, 1896; Northern Wealth of Nations Limited, 1895; The Perth Mining & Trading Syndicate of Western Australia Limited, 1897, ordinary shares (blue); as previous but for deferred shares (green) dated 1896; The Southern New Chum Gold Mines, 1896, share warrant (red) in dual language (English & French) with intact dividend coupons 1-8; as previous but share certificate (blue); The Menzies Golden Age Mine, 1896; Menzies 'Crusoe' Gold Claims Limited, 1895; West Australian Gold Fields Limited, 1896; The West Australian Gold District Trading Corporation, 1896; Brook's Gold Fields of the Northern Territories of Australia, 1896; The South Australian Land Mortgage & Agency Company, 1881; The English Australian Gold Mining Company, 1881; The Bendigo Goldfields Limited, 1897; The Australian Diamond Fields Limited, 1899; The Ida H. Gold Mining Company, 1911; The British Australian Gold Mining Company, c.1851, 50 shares (light blue); as previous but 20 shares (dark blue); Kalgoorlie Amalgamated Limited, 1902; The Kalgurli Reefs Limited, 1898; Kalgoorlie Mint and Iron King Gold Mines Limited, 1900; Standard Exploration Company, 1900; The South Australian Salt Trust Ltd, 1891; The South Australian Petroleum Fields Limited, Flat Lux, 1890; London and West Australian Syndicate Limited, 1897; Lake Way Goldfield (Western Australia) 1899 Limited, 1900; The Woodstock Gold Mining Company, 1902 (liquidator's notation on back); The Consolidated Gold Fields of New Zealand Limited, 1934; Maori Dream Gold Mines Limited, New Zealand, 1896. Stored in a specialised, large share scrip storage album, very fine - extremely fine. (37)  550 2800
3614 GAS AND MINING. The Brisbane Gas Company, no.2764 dated 9th March 1923 together with attached Transfer document upon death of shareholder, dated, sealed and duty stamped 28th November 1935; another for the same compeny but different design, no.1936 dated 1st January 1935 together with Brisbane Gas Company form of transfer, no.3017 dated 15th August 1935; The Lorne Quartz Mining Company Limited, Stawell, no.315, 1870s, unissued. Very fine - good very fine. (3) 100 50
3615 GOLD MINING. The Baker's Creek Gold Mine, Hillgrove, New South Wales, 1908 (2, consecutive numbers 1455/6); Harvey's Freehold Gold Dredging Company, 1920 (3, consecutive numbers 83/5); The Occidental Gold Mining Company, Cobar, New South Wales, 1897; another, 1910, different style and colour (2, consecutive nos.3444/5); The Premier Gold Mining Company, Cobar, New South Wales, 1906. One of the Baker's Creek certificates torn at top and right top corner missing, small piece missing from top right corner of last certificate, otherwise very fine. (9)  150 70
3616 GOLD MINING. Forbes Alluvial Gold Mining Company Limited, South & Britannical Leads, Forbes, 1888, stamped with company's seal; The Mount Boppy Birthday Gold Mining Co, 1906, pink paper for fifty shares; same company but blue paper for one hundred shares. Very fine - extremely fine. (3)  100 220
3617 GITSHAM GOLD EXTRACTION COMPANY, 19th October, 1911 (5), 8th February, 1912 (5), 10th February, 1912 (6). Good very fine. (16) 150 200
3618 NEW SOUTH WALES MINING. The Cobar Peak Silver Mining Company, 1906 (red print, fully paid up shares); same (black print, contributing shares) (2); Honeysuckle Copper Mines, Cannonbar District, contributing shares, 1907; The North Shango Copper Mining Company, near Canbelego, 1907 (white for fully paid up shares); same (pink for contributing shares) (2, consecutive nos.139/140); Queen Bee South Copper Mining Company, 1906 (2, consecutive nos.40/41); Queen Bee North Copper Mining Company, 1907 (3). Fine - very fine. (12)  200 280
3619 SOUTH AUSTRALIA MINING. Adelaide Mines Development, 1934, one hundred contributing shares, printed at top, 'Issued in lieu of forfeited share scrip'; Mutooroo Junction Gold Mines, 1928, one hundred shares, printed at top, 'Issued in lieu of forfeited share scrip', several call stamps on reverse; Orinde Gold Mining Company, 1923; Mainland Extended Oil Concessions Syndicate, Eyre's Peninsula, 1932, one x five pound share of only 480 issued, Issue No.45. The last scarce, with foxing spot and 10mm paper split at top and bottom, fine, the rest very fine. (4)  100 120
3620 SOUTH AUSTRALIA MINING. Australian Consols Gold and Copper Mines, on the cost-book system, twenty shares, Nos.40141 - 40160, 1852. One of the earliest certificates issued and rare, dark tone along right edge but still very fine.  200 480
3621 SOUTH AUSTRALIA MINING. Australian Radium Corporation, Mount Painter, 1926, low No.30; The Radium Hill Company, 1914; Adelaide River Uranium, one hundred stock units, undated; same company, Transfer of Stock Unit form, unused; Australian Uranium Corporation, 1955; Uranium Oxide, 1955, contributing shares (3, one written on, 'The name changed to Oxide Gold'); same as previous but name stamped out and above this printed 'Oxide Rutile'. Very fine - good very fine. (9)  140 100
3622 SOUTH AUSTRALIA MINING. The Mount Gambier Copper Mining Estates Company, Northern Territory - South Australia, one hundred shares, No.2695, 1892, faint red stamp across 'Paid Up To Two Shillings And Sixpence', Form of Transfer signed at bottom by holder 'G.A.Lawson'. Good very fine.  100 130
3623 SOUTH AUSTRALIA MINING. Victoria Tower Mining Company No Liability, Manna Hill, four hundred shares, No.1151, 1890. One small hole in bottom right corner, some small pieces missing at right and bottom edges, otherwise nearly extremely fine.  100 100
3624 SOUTH AUSTRALIA MINING. Wheal Ellen (South Australia) Mining Company Limited, five pounds share paid to two pounds ten shillings, No.568, 1861. Very fine 150 300
3625 SUNDRY. Bonnie Dundee Mining Company, Near Hermidale, New South Wales, 1908; The Daily Mail Newspaper Company, Sydney, 1923; Oriomo Oil Limited, Papua (1927) with embossed NSW sixpence stamp duty; The Primary Producers Bank of Australia Ltd, 1925; The Graziers' Meat Service of Australasia Ltd, 1925, with embossed NSW six pence stamp duty. The second last certificate with tears and missing bits at edges, the rest very fine. (5)  90 90
3626 TASMANIA MINING. Adam's Dundas South (Tasmania) Silver Mining Co, 1891; The Alameda Silver Mining Company, Dundas, 1891; Almora Silver Mining Company, Dundas, 1891; Launceston Gas Company, 1859; The Sandfly Coal Syndicate, Tasmania, no.36 of 50 issued, 1891. Very fine - extremely fine. (5)  250 500
3627 TASMANIA MINING. The Albin Prospecting Association, 1891; The Barker Silver Mining Company, 1891, to W.G.Barker for two thousand shares; The Planet Prospecting Association, Mount Dundas, 1891; The Renison Bell P. & M. Company, 1913. Very fine - extremely fine. (4)  200 380
3628 TASMANIA MINING. The Amalgamated West Tasmania Gold Mining Company, Beaconsfield, 1899; The Bon Accord Prospecting Association, Mount Dundas, 1891; The New Providence Gold Mining Company Limited, Beaconsfield, 1883; The Royal George Tin Mining Company, Avoca, 1913; The Success Silver Mining Compy, Mount Dundas, 1891. Very fine - extremely fine. (5)  200 460
3629 TASMANIA MINING. The Arba Tin Mining Company, Branxholm, 1917; Blue Tier Weld Tin Mining Company, Weldeborough, 1934; Dreadnought Boulder Tin Mines Amalgamated, North Dundas, 1914; Mount Rex Tin No Liability, 1934; The Rajah Tin Mining Company, Wyniford River, 1926, sixpence duty stamp affixed; West Coast Silver Lead Company, Zeehan, 1927. Good very fine - nearly extremely fine. (6)  120 150
3630 TASMANIA MINING. Back Creek Gold Mining Company, Piper's River, 1870, no.442 to John Peter Hobkirk, with two attached stamps, Van Diemen's land, 1 x four pence, 1 x one penny. Good very fine.  200 300
3631 TASMANIA MINING. Black Buff Gold Mining Co, Middlesex, County of Devon, 1895, no.35 for one hundred shares to James Boag of Launceston; The Volunteer Consolidated Extended Gold Mining Co, Mathinnna, 1905, no.620 for one hundred shares to James Boag. The first with a few holes, otherwise very fine, the second very fine. (2)  100 260
3632 TASMANIA MINING. The Brandy Creek Gold Mining Company, Beaconsfield, 1891; Central Mount Farrell Mining Co, Mount Farrell, 1899; The Fortune Prospecting Association, Mount Dundas, 1891; Golden Light Gold Mining Company, Lefroy, 1892; The New Pinafore Gold Mining Company, Lefroy, 1894. Fine - very fine. (5)  200 520
3633 TASMANIA MINING. Constable's Creek Tin Mining Company, George's Bay, 24th September, 1888. Two folds, otherwise extremely fine.  120 200
3634 TASMANIA MINING. The East Tasmania Gold Mining Company, Beaconsfield, 5th November, 1888. Very fine and scarce.  180 320
3635 TASMANIA MINING. The Grand Centre Mining Company, 1897; The Khedive Silver Mining Co, Dundas, 1890; The Melbourne Proprietory Silver Mining Company, Mount Dundas, 1889; The Mole Creek and Zeehan Mineral Prospecting and Exploration Co Limited, 1891; Mole Creek and Zeehan Mineral and Exploration Company Limited, receipt for allotment fees on shares, 1891; The Star of Dundas Silver Mining Company, Mount Zeehan, County of Montague, 1891. Very fine - extremely fine. (6)  250 500
3636 TASMANIA MINING. Land of Hope Quartz & Alluvial Gold Mining, Fingal, 31st January, 1870. With two folds, otherwise extremely fine.  120 280
3637 TASMANIA MINING. The Lima Silver Mining Company, Mount Zeehan, 1891; The Lord Hopetoun Silver Mining Company, Mount Dundas, 1891; The Mount Victoria Gold Mining Company, Mount Victoria, 1889; The New Pinafore Gold Mining Company, Lefroy, 1908; The South Balstrup's (Tasmania) Silver Mining Co, 1892. Very fine - extremely fine. (5)  200 420
3638 TASMANIA MINING. The Louise Tin Mining Company, Gould's Country, 6th November, 1882; together with call receipt. Very fine. (2)  120 240
3639 TASMANIA MINING. Madame Melba No.1 Silver Mining Co, Dundas, 1891; Madame Melba Proprietory Silver Mining Company, Dundas, 1891; both registered to F.W.Krushka of Ringarooma. Very fine - good very fine. (2) 100 300
3640 TASMANIA MINING. Mount Lyell companies, King Lyell Gold & Copper Company, 1896; The Crown Lyell Copper Company, 1900; Lyell Pioneers Gold & Copper Company, 1896, only 3,000 shares issued; The South Mount Lyell Mining Company Limited, 1896; The Tasman & Crown Lyell Extended Mining Company, 1904 (white with red print); The Tasman and Crown Lyell Extended Mines, 1916 (light green with green print). Very fine - good very fine. (6)  200 400
3641 TASMANIA MINING. The North Oceana Silver Mining Company, Zeehan, 1891; The Murchison Silver Mining Company, Mount Dundas, 1891; The New Pinafore Gold Mining Company, Lefroy, 1913; The North Stream Silver Mining Company, Mount Zeehan, 1891, marked 'Lima Scrip Issued'; Cambria Silver Mining Company, 1891, no.153; photocopy of no.154 to same shareholder as previous; The South Adelaide Silver Mining Company, Tasmania, 1891; The West Princess Gold Mining Co, West Coast, Tasmania, 1887; West Silver King Silver Mining Company, Mount Zeehan, 1889. Very fine - extremely fine. (9)  300 800
3642 TASMANIA MINING. Penguin Silver Mines Company, 1870, to J.P.Hobkirk, with embossed company seal and Tasmanian duty stamps, 2 x one shilling and 1 x one penny. Nearly very fine.  100 280
3643 TASMANIA MINING. The New Pinafore Gold Mining Company, Lefroy, 1901; The Tasmania Gold Mine Limited (stamped, In Liquidation), 1916, typed on back the full details of Order in Bankruptcy, 1926; The Thomas Blocks Silver Mining Company, Mount Farrell, 1908, capital and share value adjusted. Fine - very fine. (3) 100 90
3644 TASMANIA MINING. The Princess River Gold Mining Company, West Coast, 23rd April, 1888. With three folds, otherwise extremely fine. 120 340
3645 TASMANIA MINING. The Red Hills Tin Mining Company, Main Creek, 25th Feby, 1889. With brokers stamps, very fine.  120 200
3646 TASMANIA MINING. The Red Hills Mining Company, West Coast, 1900; The Tasmanian Metals Extraction Company Limited, 1912; Zeehan-Queen Limited, 1903, named to Sir Edward J. Reed, Broadway Chambers, Westminister. Very fine. (3)  150 220
3647 TASMANIA MINING. The Shallamar Tin Mining Company, 12th December, 1882. Very fine.  120 360
3648 TASMANIA MINING. The South Garibaldi Tin Mining Company, Wyniford River, 2nd Feb, 1888. Very fine.  120 320
3649 TASMANIA MINING. The South Hercules Mining Company, Mount Reed, 1907, No.5740 for one hundred shares to James Boag of Launceston, written in pencil at right edge, 'Forfeited for April Call 1909'. Spike and pin holes at top left edge, foxing, otherwise very fine.  100 140
3650 TASMANIA MINING. South Oceana Silver Mining Co, Zeehan, 1891; The Silver Crown Extended Prospecting Association, Mount Zeehan, 1888 (only 250 shares issued); The Silver Hills proprietory Silver Mining Company, Mount Zeehan, 1891. The last two companies being of small nominal capital are scarce, very fine. (3)  200 520
3651 VICTORIA. Melbourne & Suburban Railway Company, ten pound share, 5th November 1859, No.10530. With two folds, otherwise extremely fine.  300 unsold
3652 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, 1918, option certificate; Ashanti - Adowsene (Banket) Goldfields, 1936; The Barberton Exploring & Development Company, 1904; De Beers Consolidated Mines, 1902, bilingual Anglo-French share warrant; The Klersdorp Gold and Diamond Company, 1901, No.A1000; another identical dated 1903; The New Midas Estate & Gold Mining Coy, Witwatersrand, 1896; Modderfontein East Limited, 1919, The Monastry Diamond Mines and Estate Company, 1903; Palmietkuil Gold Mining Company, 1940; The Victory Hill Consolidated Gold Mining Company, 1889; Vosperton Gold Mines, 1902, to Lieut-Colonel William H.B.Baldwin. The first item is laminated, second with edge tears, fine - good very fine. (12)  450 160
3653 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. The Barrett Gold Mining Company, 1892; Consort Reef Gold Mining Company, 1888; The East Nigel Gold Mining Company, 1901; The George Walker (Moodies) Gold Mining Company, 1889, Vendors shares, No.101; The Golden Arrow Mine, 1897; The Mines Trust Limited, 1892, five Founders' shares; Moria Gold Limited, The Transvaal, 1926; The New Callao and Trojan Consolidated Company, Barberton, 1887, 25 Vendors shares; The North Sheba Gold & Exploration, 1895; The Sheba Gold Mining Company, 1894. Fine - very fine. (10)  250 280
3654 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. The Blaaumbank United Gold Mining Company, 1888, one hundred shares, No.392, endorsed and company stamp on back. Flattened, fine and scarce.  150 100
3655 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. The Boshof Victorian Diamond Syndicate, 1906; East African Goldfields Limited, 1935; Eastern Extension Mining and Exploration Company, 1903; Liberian Diamond & Gold Trust Limited, 1912; The Lydenburg Minerals Exploring Company, 1895; New Machavie Gold Mining Company, 1947; The Otters Kopje Diamond Mines (1903) Limited, 1904; Premier Gold Mines, 1904; The Romela Nigel Gold Mining Company, 1913; Roodeplaats (De Beer) Diamond Mines, 1914. Fine - very fine. (10)  250 120
3656 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. The Bulawayo Gold Reefs Development, 1897; Harmony Gold and Land Company, 1895; International Gold Mining Company, Pietermeritzburg, 1889, with three duty stamps; Malmani Primrose Gold Mining, 1889 with duty stamps front and back; Orange River Estates Company, 1899; The Woodstock (Transvaal) Gold Mine, 1899. Fine - very fine, some scarce. (6)  250 90
3657 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. The Consort Consolidated Mines Limited, 1895, fifty shares, No.1156. Good very fine.  150 20
3658 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. Bi-lingual Anglo-French share warrants, French Rand Gold Mining Company, Witwatersrand, The Transvaal, 1908, five shares, with two of twenty dividend coupons removed; King Solomon's Gold Mines, 1897, twenty five shares, with embossed duty stamp; Kopermyn (Transvaal) Limited, 1906, with embossed duty stamp; Randfontein Estates, Witwatersrand, 1899, no dividend coupons. Fine - extremely fine. (4)  200 50
3659 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. The New Belgian (Transvaal) Land and Development Company, 1889, fifty ordinary shares, No.48; Transvaal Land Exploration and Mining Company, undated (c.1892), multi-lingual, Anglo - French - Dutch, dividend coupons intact. Very fine. (2)  150 30
3660 SOUTH AFRICA MINING. The Ulverston Mining Company Limited, 1873, one share No.6289, shareholder's name of James Garstang Brogden included as part of original printing of certificate, obviously a founder's share as one of the signing directors is named Brogden, only 8,000 shares in total. Very fine and scarce.  100 50
3661 U.S.A. railways. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, 1906, Warrant Nos. 961/2 and 964/6 consecutive pair and trio; The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company, 1958; Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Company, 1960; Erie Railroad Company, 1953; General Railroad Equipment & Services Inc, unused; Great Northern Railway, 1976; Illinois central Railroad Company, 1962; The New York Central Railroad Company, 1941 (less than 100); same but for 100, 1948; The New York Chicago and St Louis Railroad Company, 1951 (less than 100, orange); same but for 100 (green), 1947; same company but different design for Nickel Rate Road, 1951 ($20 shares less than 100, brown); same again but for 100 x $15 shares (green), 1960; The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1965; same company but different design, 1948. Very fine - extremely fine. (19)  190 40
3662 U.S.A. railroads. Green Bay and Western, 1936; Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company, 1942, less than 100 (brown); same but for 100 shares (blue), 1940; same but for 100 shares $5 preferred stock (green), 1965; same as previous but less than 100 shares (orange), 1955; Louisville Railway Company, 1895; Western Maryland Railway Company, 1955 (less than 100); same company but different design, 1959 (less than 100, green); same company but for 100 (blue), 1959; West Shore Railroad Company, First Mortgage Guaranteed Bond, 1914; Mexico Tramways Company, Deposit Receipt, 50-year gold bonds, 1916 (4, two of these consecutive numbers). Top right corner of second last scrip damaged otherwise very fine - good very fine. (14)  120 30
3663 U.S.A. share scrip, Security State Bank of Borup, Minesota, 1910; The Home State Bank, Kansas, 1908; The Timpus State Bank, Colorado, 19- (unissued); Tobacco Products Corporation (4 different), Virginia, 1924-1930; U.S.Bureau of Engraving & Printing, replica, printed for American Numismatic Association, 1976, one dollar (1896) back, two dollars (1896) front and back, five dollars (1896) front, ten dollars (1897) front; American Bank Note Company, special hologram vignette produced for IBNS 25th Anniversary 1986; Bradbury Wilkinson, commemorative note no.000834 printed for IBNS 15th Annual European Congress 1985. Fine - uncirculated. (14)  100 50
4627 BANK OF AUSTRALIA, share certificate for one hundred pounds sterg., No 2042, issued to Thomas de la Condamine 1st July 1833, imprint S. Clayton Sct., printed in black ink on vellum by W.M.Moffitt. Named to an important person in colonial New South Wales, this certificate is of great historical significance, good very fine and very rare.  4000 unsold
4628 BANK OF AUSTRALIA, share certificate for one hundred pounds sterg., No 2037, issued to Thomas de la Condamine 1st July 1833, imprint S. Clayton Sct. printed in black ink on vellum by W. M. Moffitt. Good very fine and very rare. 3300 unsold
4629 BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES, Certificate on vellum for one share of Bank Capital Stock, one hundred pounds sterling entered in the name of Sarah Redfern at Folio 44 of the Stock Ledger, dated 1st day of January 1824, No 178, Entd. Jas C. Phelps, John Piper President, W. Walker, James Norton Directors. On back Received thirty pounds Sterling account of the within share, A.K. Mackenzie, Cashier, also, Indented ... William Redfern Esquire 14 March 1826. Very fine and extremely rare. 5000 unsold
4630 BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES, Share Certificate for one hundred pounds, 31 May 1832, printed on vellum by William Moffitt (no imprint), No.712 of folio 317, made out to Samuel Terry, signed by the President, two directors and entered by J.Potts, transferred on the back to John Malcolm 12th May 1838. One of the earliest available Australian share certificates. Very fine and rare.  2000 unsold
4631 TAMAR BANK, Launceston, bank share for fifty pounds, dated First day of September 1835 No.168 (only 183 printed), on vellum, issued to William Field, signed by Directors, Philip Oakden and Lewis Gilles. A very rare example of this early bank as no banknotes are known to have survived, some folds and pinholes, otherwise nearly extremely fine and extremely rare.  3500 unsold

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